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Hyogo Prefecture
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Hyogo Prefecture is located almost in the middle of Japan with a diverse climate. Hyogo has a lot of delicious food gathered from the mountains and the sea, such as octopus from the Seto Inland Sea, crab from the Japan Sea, black soy beans from Tamba, and onions grown in Awaji Island. Also, Hyogo ranks first in the production of Sake in Japan.
Hyogo WakuWakuKAN is a small shop but it fully covers the local specialties. We have selected sake, wines, sweets and local items that you cannot get outside the prefecture.
We also showcase Hyogo PR videos and information magazines at the shop, and multiple languages services by Pocketalk, cashless payments (credit card, WeChat Pay and Rakuten Edy) are also available. We are looking forward to seeing you here in Hyogo WakuWakuKAN!

Hyogo Prefecture –A Japan in Miniature

Hyogo Prefecture contains a rich variety of communities ranging from large cities to rural villages as well as isolated islands, and also has several diversified climatic and natural features.
Various leisure activities can be enjoyed here, including swimming, skiing, and bathing in numerous hot springs.
As a result, Hyogo Prefecture has become known as a Japan in Miniature, The Prefecture consists of five highly distinctive districts: Settsu(Kobe and Hanshin), Harima, Tajima, Tamba, and Awaji, each of which has its own unique history, climate, and industries.


Hyogo Tourism Guide

Hyogo has a variety of tourist locations, including scenic sites created by abundant nature, hot springs loved by famous writers and artists, and historic and cultural heritage sites such as Himeji Castle.

Hyogo Tourism Guide