Hyogo WakuWakuKAN
Business Hours

Closed: Year-end & New Year holiday season

Hyogo Governor Toshizo Ido


Hyogo Prefecture is known as a treasure trove of food. Why? Because we have an abundance of rich foodstuffs from the sea, mountains and villages cultivated in a diverse climate stretching from the Sea of Japan to the Seto Inland Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Hyogo is full of exquisite foods such as Tajima beef, matsuba-gani snow crab, Tamba chestnuts, Tamba black soybeans, Akashi octopus, Awaji onions and so on.
Another reason is the high level of craftsmanship. The sophisticated flavors of Kobe's confectionaries and sake, and Harima's handmade noodles have long enraptured the people of Japan. I would like more people to enjoy the food of Hyogo. We opened the Hyogo WakuWakuKan in Tokyo, with the charms of Hyogo packed tightly inside, to help them do so. Those who visit will surely enjoy the “exciting” (wakuwaku) feeling of a veritable treasure hunt. Please stop by and meet the “Delicious Hyogo.”

Toshizo Ido Hyogo Governor